How To Move In Culver City If You Have Pets

Moving is tiring and stressful for you, but for your pets can be a terrifying experience. Your pet will have to deal with a lot of unfamiliar movement, will spend some frightful hours in a car and finally will have to readjust to a new environment. Stress can be dangerous for your pet’s health so you need to do your best to ensure a smooth move for your furry companion. Culver City movers can help transport your pets in proper conditions and maximum comfort!

1.       Schedule a trip to the vet

moving with petsBefore you move into a new home, you need to schedule a trip to the vet. Make appointment for a full medical checkup for your pet. If there are any shots that need to be made, you have to do them now.

Inform the veterinary doctor that you will be moving and ask whether he or she can recommend another doctor for your pet. If you are traveling a long-distance, giving your pet some sedatives can be a good idea. However, don’t do this without discussing with the vet!

2.       Get a travel identification card

State laws regulate entrance of pets and your furry companion’s paper needs to be in order. Otherwise, your pet may not be able to cross the border into a new state. Before you leave, make sure that you have all the needed papers.

3.       Transportation by car

If you move by car, you will need a portable kennel. If the travel does not last more than a day, you may not have to stop. However, if you are moving across state and the drive takes a long time, you will need to stop and let your pet have some air. Dogs, especially, need exercise, so stopping the car and taking your pet for a walk will be a good idea. Also, do not feed your pet before or during the drive. Feed it when you stop, preferably in the evening.

Moving can be stressful for your pet and you need to do all that it is possible to make it feel comfortable and safe!

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by Bogdan Moisa

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