How to Move With Exotic Pets in Culver City

Having to relocate an entire household is hard enough all on its own. But if you own pets it is even more complicated. And some people have exotic pets which not only require utmost care when having to relocate them as well, but also need to stay within specific legal requirements. In order to relocate a household in an efficient manner, many details have to be sorted out in advance. Thankfully, moving companies in Culver City are willing and able to handle relocations which involve pets.

9-moving-furnitureYou have to know the laws and regulations concerning pets which are enforced in California. You can get these from the state’s Veterinary Office or Department of Agriculture. If you own any kind of exotic animal you will very likely need a special permit. If you are moving to an apartment or condo, make sure your pet is allowed before you move in. ┬áThere are many communities where exotic animals are not allowed for a variety of reasons, so consider very carefully the location where you intend to relocate with regard to your exotic pet or pets.


You should also have a portable kennel, or pet carrier for the transportation of your pet or pets. This is absolutely essential because it ensures safety and comfort for the duration of the relocation. It should be just big enough for your dog or cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Even birds need pet carriers, as conventional cages are not good enough.


Make sure your pet carrier has cross-ventilation and leak-proof bottom. Add absorbent layers for travel to make sure that no self-inflicted injuries will happen. Your kennel should also have a secure door latch. But do not lock it because federal regulations require your pet to be accessible in an emergency.

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