Learn How To Wrap And Move Fragile Objects !

Preparing to move to a new house is a big step for any person. But it takes intense physical efforts and calm to get the job done and if you have many fragile items, this task becomes even more stressful. Nobody wants to smash its precious glassware or plates. There are many rules to follow, if you want to learn how to wrap and move fragile objects. Time is also important and if you want a fast and safe relocation call for support of the moving companies in Culver City.

moving couple happyFirst thing you should do is to record all your fragile items and see if they need special conditions for transport,  Electronics, for example, have user manual and you can find out more about how to pack them. After the inventory list has been done, gather a stockpile of packing supplies. You will need strong, double-walled boxes, to offer extra protection.

Double-boxing technique is also recommended if you have time to apply it.  It is better to place a base layer of protecting material on the bottom of the box. You can use bubble wrap or polyethylene foam.  Then you can place the already wrapped item inside the box. After all the items have been placed, use again a layer of cushioning material.

For electronics it is important to prevent any water infiltration that may occur during the transit. You must wrap them well in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Also, it is important to remove any object inside your appliances or data storage units. Unplug and label all the cables. Again, you must memorize the configuration of certain cables, if you do not have the user manual for schematics.

 We know that are many things to follow if you want to properly pack your delicate objects. Instead of doing the whole process alone and risk damaging some items, call for a licensed mover, able to provide full logistic support and assistance.  They can bring high quality materials and tools that will help you move faster.

Our moving company has worked many times with fragile items and we understand your concern, But, rest assured, your items will be handled with utmost attention by a team of experienced workers. We can offer you more information about us at our website. Click here!

by Ciprian Gurgu

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