Tips For Packing Video Systems And Other High End Electronics

A modern family has plenty of entertainment options, from home theater systems to gaming consoles and stereo systems. And they all represent costly investments. It is normal for a family to seek maximum protection when transporting these items.  Check our tips for packing video systems and other high end electronics.  If you are looking for the best movers in Culver City, you should also consider our services.

The first thing you should do is to look for user manuals and original boxes.  If you have them both, your task will be much easier.  First of all, original boxes are customized for the exact shape, size and weight of the item, so you will have no problem fitting the items. Secondly, the manuals may provide valuable information regarding device transportation requirements.

Next, you should take lots of pictures. Use your phone or camera to capture the setup on the back of equipment.  Also, make sure to take shots of cord configuration.  These photos will help you if you are not a hardware geek. All photos must be clear and centered on configurations.  You will be able to set the equipment much faster after that.

It is recommended to clean all your devices with 2-3 days ahead the moving date.  Use dust-catching cloths to wipe the media components. Make sure to clean even the cords and screen protectors.  Dust can be quite a problem for electronics, so make sure to carefully clean your items before placing them in a cargo hold.

Pay attention to flat screens. Keep them upright when moving. Damage often occurs when the flat screen is packed flat on its back and then someone places a heavy object on top of the box. If you have big screens, which are difficult to handle, you should better call professional movers.

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